[ version .004 ]

This layout went through like...20 versions before I decided on one! I kept trying to use this one image of Gin, but it wasn't working, and then I used a different one and POOF! It all came out :3 I'm quite happy with it, to be honest. I got inspiration from the song "Cells" by The Servant, which I think is the perfect song to represent the Third Division. While Gin is the most prominent character, I wanted it to be about Kira, too. Ichimaru Gin and Kira Izuru ain't mine, they're from Bleach.

[ version .003 ]

Felt the need for a change and I've been on a happy LotR high lately ^_^ So naturally it is time for a LotR layout, yes? It's always been a goal of mine to make one for my domain, ever since before I had one O.o So yay! Dreams DO come true! This one features multiple images that get cycled through randomly with each page refresh ^_^ Amazing, ne?

[ version .002 ]
Kanashimi no Tsuibi

This layout is featuring the characters of Yami no Matsuei! A serious I mucho love, but had sorta...fallen out of the fandom, but now I'm back! Getting that frickin' Tsuzuki at the beginning was a pain, but a dream told me how to fix it :D No, really!! It DID! This layout is side-scrolling, so there's more off to the right...>> But you get the idea from this pic right? Right.

[ version .001 ]
seductive honey

This is the first layout for the site! It features the Japanese artist, Miyavi. Yes, I know he didn't make the song "Honey Vanity" but the picture, me thinks, worked really well regardless! On the layout is some of the song lyrics. For those who can't read the Japanese, they say...

(Top Right) "Ah, sadness farwell" and (Bottom Left) "And, oh, isn't it FUN?"